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Acne Treatment Duo

Acne Treatment Duo

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Acne is tough, but this blemish-fighting duo is tougher. The Acne Treatment Duo bundle includes our FDA-approved Acne Serum along with our spot treatment, Pimple Paste. Clearer, brighter, & healthier skin is within reach!

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Our Acne Serum + Pimple Paste Treatment duo is the one-two punch to tackle blemishes & blackheads without damaging your vital skin barrier. 

Acne Serum has over 23% clinically proven ingredients that work to heal all types of acne & protect your moisture barrier. 

Our award-winning Pimple Paste is a fast acting, alcohol-free, overnight drying formulated with natural miracle workers such as Willow Bark, Azelaic Acid, & Aloe to work on those stubborn spots while you sleep. 

Your clearest, happiest skin is yet to come.


Acne Serum: 
Our Acne Serum is an all-around powerhouse cream that treats acne, helps get rid of blackheads, prevents future breakouts, & heals the skin barrier all at once. 

Pimple Paste: 
Pimple Paste is an alcohol-free, fast-acting drying paste powered by natural ingredients. Formulated with natural miracle workers including: Willow Bark, Sulfur, Tea Tree Oil, Azelaic Acid, Clay, Zinc, Oregano, & Thyme that work overnight. This unique naturally blue paste dries down quickly and is transfer-proof so will not rub off on your sheets or pillows!

How to use

Acne Serum:
For best results, we suggest using both morning and night as your serum/treatment step. After cleansing and drying skin, apply all over affected area. Follow with your moisturizer. 

If you are new to acne treatments or have sensitive skin, start by using one time per day and building your usage up. If irritation or redness occurs, please adjust usage to one time per day or every other day. 

Purging is a normal process of clearing acne, especially if you are new to salicylic acid. Please remain patient as your skin clears as it can take up to six to eight weeks. 

Always wear a broad-spectrum mineral SPF while treating with salicylic acid as it can make you more sensitive in the sun. Patch test on small area of your jaw before applying all over. Avoid contact with eyes.

Pimple Paste: 
Single Spot: Apply directly onto blemishes & leave on overnight. Massage a thin layer into the blemish and then add a thicker layer on top. Wash off in the morning. Use as often as desired. Keep away from the eyes. 
Congested area: If you have a large cluster of pimples or congested skin you can apply a thin layer onto the larger area. Pimple paste not only helps existing spots but can prevent new ones from popping up!


Acne Serum:
1.5% Salicylic Acid: FDA approved ingredient for the treatment of acne & blackheads. 

2% Niacinamide: promotes a healthy skin barrier, improves skin texture, regulates oily skin, & helps tackle unwanted pigmentation.

2% Tranexamic Acid: Targets uneven skin tone and hyperpigmentation, ideal for improving the appearance of acne scars.

Lactobacillus Ferment: Balances skin's microflora. Visibly reduce pimple size & redness. 

Thyme + Oregano: Shown to be more effective than benzoyl peroxide & clindamycin at killing acne causing bacteria. 

Neem + Vitex Chaste Berry: Visibly improve fungal & cystic acne. 

Pimple Paste: 
Willow Bark: A well known natural alternative to sal acid. 
Sulfur & Clay: Helps dry spots & absorb excess oil. 
Thyme & Oregano: Clinically proven to be more effective than popular acne treatments & visibly less irritating. 
Azelaic Acid: Helps decrease the look of any marks left behind by past blemishes. 
Tea Tree Oil: Reduces look of swelling & redness. 
Zinc Sulfate: Calms the look of redness 
Magnesium Sulfate: Helps exfoliate skin & sooth the look of irritation. 
Aloe: Botanical skin & hydrator. Helps to alleviate the look of post pimple hyperpigmentation. 
Vitamin C: Stable form of vitamin C that helps clear up the look of marks & hyperpigmentation.

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