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Firm & Glow

Firm & Glow

2 Pc Bundle
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If you're looking to address wrinkles, texture and dark spots this duo is for you. Retinol fights wrinkles and spots while 10+10 Moisturizer visibly firms & brightens.

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Looking to level up your skincare routine? This bundle has everything you need to visibly firm, smooth & hydrate, while reducing the look of uneven tone, hyperpigmentation & wrinkles. 

10+10 & Retinol Remix work perfectly together to help minimize any side effects from Retinol Use.

1% Vegan Retinol: A powerful retinol that visibly reduces fine lines, deep wrinkles & smooths skin.

Peptide + Tranexamic Acid: Visibly firms & fades hyperpigmentation for a brighter, more even-toned complexion.

Centella Asiatica + Tazman Pepper + Roman Chamomile: Prevents look of irritation, bumps & flaking associated with retinol use.

10+10 MORE-Sturizer:
10% Vitamin C Complex: Brightens & evens skins tone 

Ceramides & Squalane: help support skin’s moisture barrier

10% Peptide Complex: Visibly Firms & reduces wrinkles

*For complete ingredient listing please visit individual product page.

Retinol: 1% Vegan Retinol, Peptides & Tranexamic Acid work to visibly reduce wrinkles & enlarged pores while brightening & smoothing for a radiant looking complexion.

10+10 MORE-Sturizer: Silky moisturizer with Vitamin C, Peptides & Ceramides that visibly firms, brightens & plumps skin while supporting a strong skin barrier.

AM: Apply 10+10 MORE-Sturizer for visibly brighter, hydrated skin!

PM: Apply Retinol Remix at night; 2-3x per week on clean dry skin. You may use more often as you build up your skin's tolerance for retinol. Always use SPF!

When using Retinol you can also use the “sandwich method” of application by applying a layer of 10+10 MORE-Sturizer to your skin followed by the retinol and then finishing with another layer of moisturizer.

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